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Aviation Specialty Group

The aviation industry, responsible for moving thousands of passengers and cargo, is one of the most high-profile industries in the world. Ellsworth can provide aviation insurance placement services to this diverse industry, from very light jets for our corporate clients to passenger airlines.

The aviation world is complex and constantly changing. Whether you are acquiring new equipment or facing new opportunities, we will work to support your needs. If you are looking for solutions for residual value insurance, cyber-crime or standard insurances, Ellsworth will connect you to the right resource. As a result, our goal is that our clients receive coverage that is the most efficient and cost effective available.

Services we provide include:

  • Insurance placement.
  • Contract and lease review.
  • Coordination of Loss Control services.
  • Claims support.

Ellsworth can respond to the needs of several industry groups, including:

  • Corporate aircraft owners and operators.
  • Aircraft maintenance operations.
  • Aircraft modification, and overhaul operations.
  • Aircraft parts manufacturers.
  • Fixed-base operators (FBOs).
  • Helicopters and related services.
  • Air taxi operators.
  • Air ambulance operators.


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