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Employee/Group Benefits

At Ellsworth our Employee Benefits Department is dedicated to helping our clients find the ideal employee/group benefits packages to fit the unique needs of their businesses – with coverage ranging from health to dental, vision and more. We have assembled a team of knowledgeable professionals who are highly experienced in this specialized field of insurance. From small businesses to large corporations – our team has the expertise and resources to identify cost-effective benefits packages tailored to companies of virtually any size.

In January, 2008, Ellsworth Corporation hired Clay Babcock and his entire team to create what we believe is the premier employee benefits division in the state.  Our benefits team brings with them over 100 years of combined experience and carrier training.  Much of their training has been in-depth and unique, from compliance and contracts, to underwriting.  Specializing in partially self-funded medical plans, they also represent clients for fully insured medical, dental, vision, long term disability, short term disability, basic life, AD&D, voluntary life and worksite (critical illness, cancer & accident).  Our team consists of:

Clayton L. Babcock – 33 Years’ Experience in Employee Benefits

  • Executive Vice President of Benefits - Formally trained in underwriting, contract reviews, and comparison and data analysis.

Marie G. Hardouin – 35 Years’ Experience in Employee Benefits

  • Sr. Account Coordinator - Formally trained in medical and dental claim payment, servicing, policy review and correction, and Plan Document preparation.

Denise J. Alexi – 20 Years’ Experience in Employee Benefits

  • Marketing Coordinator - Responsible for preparing bid specifications, analyzing data and creating renewal/presentation materials. Also responsible for daily administrative duties and resolving service issues for clients.

Kristy D. Copeland – 12 Years’ Experience in Employee Benefits

  • Sr. Account Coordinator – Responsible for preparing bid specifications and presentation materials. Analyzes data and creates experience reports. Coordinates implementation of new and renewal products. Reviews and corrects policies, contracts, and Plan Documents for accuracy and compliance. Also responsible for educating, servicing, and meeting with clients and employees.

Alexi C. Babcock – First Year in Employee Benefits

  • Account Coordinator – Responsible for assisting Sr. Account Coordinators with preparation of bid specifications and presentation materials. Loads eligibility data into carrier systems and helps with legislative and compliance issues. Coordinates preparation and dissemination of educational information to clients.

Client/Ellsworth Benefits Partnership Advantage

Primary Services

General Administrative Assistance

  • Help prepare all employee communications related to Benefits
  • Review leave policies with you to ensure no gaps in policies
  • Obtain multi-year rate guarantees to lessen burden on H.R. with carrier changes
  • Review and correct all administration agreements, policies and certificates
  • Provide Legislative and Compliance Updates
  • Perform Rx – Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Evaluation
  • Provide the following reports (upon request):

    • Benchmarking

    • Comparative Trend Analysis, i.e. year over year

    • Grandfathered "Contribution Evaluation” to maintain Grandfathered Status

    • Underwriting Illustrations

  • COBRA Rate Calculations

Plan Administration

  • Monitor large claims monthly with strong emphasis near Stop Loss contract renewal
  • Administrator Contract Review/Plan Design
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Education
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Review
  • Plan review, reporting, and analysis
  • Summary Plan Description (SPD) review and correction
  • Eligibility List creation in administrator required format

PPO Network

  • Discount and Penetration Evaluation
  • Network Breadth Assessment

Wellness Vendor

  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Plan Design Assistance

Stop Loss Carrier

  • Rate Negotiations and Underwriting
  • Extensive Relationships with the Stop Loss industry
  • Disclosure Preparation
  • Contract Review
  • Stop Loss Claim Reimbursement Request Prep. when required
  • Coordination between Stop Loss Carrier and providers (such as M.D Anderson on Global Rate for transplants)
  • Review Case Manager notes to determine if any laser is justified

Additional Services

Life, Disability, Dental, Vision & Worksite

  • Underwriting Capability
  • Contract Review of All Documents
  • Claim Assistance with "trouble" situations
  • Thorough experience illustrations on larger policies

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our employee/group benefits services.


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