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Insurance and risk management is now widely viewed as an issue critical to both the individual business owner as well as corporate board members. A poorly constructed program may leave your organization vulnerable to major long-term setbacks – or worse – insolvency and bankruptcy. When well-designed, an insurance and risk management program allows our clients to pursue their vision and realize their mission.

This is why Ellsworth Corporation takes a progressive and aggressive approach to insurance risk management. In order to anticipate and address the risks that your business faces, our account executives will work closely with you as a consultative partner to develop effective solutions that support and protect your business.

Our risk assessment process is driven by each client’s unique needs – and our multidisciplinary team of professionals will focus on the specific insurance products needed to address your company’s unique risks. The end result is a well-designed, effective insurance and risk management program that is truly tailored to your company’s distinct needs and requirements.

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